The role of parents in their child’s education has long been recognised as a significant factor in educational success, and although every parent wants the best for their child, not all parents know how to achieve this.
The BEP Time Out for Parents Programme aims to work with parents of pupils attending BEP schools on understanding and helping young people to achieve their best.  Our termly programme helps to support parents in their parenting role and also offers opportunities for parents to continue their own learning. By being based in our schools during the day, the programme offers parents and carers who normally find it difficult to access adult education an opportunity for parents to learn together in a non threatening, non judgemental local environment.
The programme has also promoted a strong community spirit as networks of parents are forming across the locality, with parents providing emotional and moral support for other parents at times of crisis.

Building on the Time Out for Parents programme, the BEP Parents4Parents initiative is a community early intervention project where trained volunteers offer support to parents of children attending BEP schools who are facing everyday challenges. They work alongside families who are having difficulties with school issues, debt, housing problems, and isolation, or just need a listening ear to help cope with the everyday struggle of being a parent.

Parents4Parents volunteers offer time, non-judgemental support and a commonsense approach to families by encouraging and empowering them to feel confident in their parenting role. All our volunteers are parents who themselves have overcome adversity and who feel inspired to ‘give something back’.
Both the Time Out for Parents and Parents4Parents Programmes are available to parents and main carers of pupils attending BEP schools.